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On behalf of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), I am writing to express ACAP’s support to provide a bipartisan long-term funding extension for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) before the current statutory deadline of September 30. In so doing, Congress will ensure that none of the nearly 9 million children covered by the program experience a disruption in health care coverage. ACAP also expresses to the Congress the critical importance of open discussion and collaboration between Congress and all stakeholders as part of the process to extend CHIP funding.

As you know, ACAP represents 60 member plans in 29 states serving more than 20 million Americans receiving coverage through Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare Advantage D-SNPs, and the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Our members serve almost 1 of every 2 Medicaid enrollees in managed care, and our qualified health plan (QHP) members have seen substantial increases in coverage provided to enrollees in the Marketplaces nationwide. Collectively, our Safety Net Health Plan members serve nearly half of a million enrollees in stand-alone CHIP programs as well as many additional children in Medicaid expansion CHIP. We view participation in this important program as a key part of our mission.

In addition to providing long-term funding, ACAP also supports the inclusion of other policy changes to help stabilize coverage, reduce churn in the program, and improve the quality of care provided to CHIP-covered children.

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