A young child gets a check-up and critical immunizations.

An expectant mother has the prenatal care essential to delivering a healthy baby.

Someone with special medical needs or a disability receives specialty care and support.

A senior citizen gets the coordinated care she needs to address her multiple chronic conditions.

These are among the more than 20 million people served by ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans.

From Massachusetts to California, Washington to Florida, and Minnesota to Texas, ACAP-member plans are committed to serving the nation’s poorest and sickest people who don’t have access to other health insurance.

Partnering with federal and state governments, local community groups, and health care providers, these plans provide access to a network of primary care and specialty providers, with a special emphasis on wellness, quality, and stewardship of public funds.

ACAP plans are the backbone of the Medicaid managed care program. But they do much more. Many ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans also operate:

    • Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) for people who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.
    • Medicare-Medicaid plans which serve dual eligibles in Financial Alignment Demonstration projects around the country.
    • Qualified Health Plans in Health Insurance Marketplaces for working families who don’t receive coverage through their work.
    • Plans dedicated to children served through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
    • Managed long-term care plans.
    • State and local initiatives for low-income uninsured people who don’t qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.

What sets these plans apart is their roots in the community.

They provide the social supports –through strong ties to housing and food programs, for example – that people need to maintain good health. And they have strong links with other safety net providers: community health centers, public and children’s hospitals, and primary care doctors – to ensure that their enrollees have regular access to patient-centered care.

With Safety Net Health Plans, beneficiaries enjoy better, more reliable care.

Taxpayers get more efficient programs. Studies show that not-for-profit Medicaid health plans spend more of each premium dollar on medical care and less on administration than their for-profit counterparts. They provide higher-quality care than the commercial plans, too. In fact, ACAP plans have been regularly rated among the best Medicaid plans in the country by U.S.News & World Report and other publications.

Driven by a strong people-focused mission, instead of a quest for profits, they make a difference in the lives of people who otherwise would have no regular medical care.