ACAP’s PCORI Engagement Award project facilitates a two-year effort* for ACAP to engage member Safety Net Health Plans on evidence-based, PCORI-funded reform research. The project features a structured series of broad engagement efforts through Roundtable calls, webinars, and in-person meetings focusing on critical PCORI-supported evidence of interest on topics such as telehealth or community health workers. It also includes a Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative comprising twelve ACAP plans, targeting PCORI’s rich portfolio of behavioral health studies.

This page will feature a collection of knowledge gained and shared in each meeting. Use the resources collected here and take advantage of the network created to engage one another on these critical issues.

*ACAP has also received a COVID-focused Enhancement Award that provides ACAP with additional resources and extends ACAP’s Engagement Award efforts to May 2022. As part of this Enhancement Award, ACAP will host a Telehealth learning collaborative for ACAP plans to encourage peer-to-peer learning and evidence dissemination at a time when plans are ramping up telemedicine capabilities.