ACAP Statement on Fixing the Affordable Care Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 18, 2017                          
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Statement of ACAP CEO Margaret A. Murray on Fixing the Affordable Care Act

WASHINGTON —Margaret A. Murray, CEO of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), made the following statement:

“ACAP hopes to work in a bipartisan manner with Congress to fix the Affordable Care Act in ways that preserve and expand coverage for more Americans. We stand ready to work with both the House and the Senate, as we have stood ready for many months, to identify, pass, and implement fixes to the Affordable Care Act and underlying health care system.

“ACAP’s members serve over 20 million of our nation’s lowest-income health care consumers in Medicaid, the health insurance Marketplaces, and Medicare. It is our mission to ensure that all lower-income individuals are provided the best coverage and care this country has to offer. We hope that this new development on Capitol Hill will open the door for both Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work with one another and with the public to ensure health care for all.

“Given the events of the last 24 hours, ACAP hopes to work with the Congress on a suite of fixes for the ACA. We believe there are a number of fixes needed to stabilize the individual market, such as guaranteeing funding for cost-sharing reductions and ensuring that coverage is truly affordable for consumers, which could be addressed by a combination of changing age-rating bands while better aligning tax credits based on age and income. And ACAP believes that the Medicaid program could be vastly improved by establishment of a nationwide system of quality measurement and reporting and  with rewards for states that provide the best quality Medicaid coverage.

“We are ready and eager to share these ideas with our elected officials on the Hill.”


About ACAP

ACAP represents 60 Safety Net Health Plans, which provide health coverage to more than twenty million people in 29 states. Safety Net Health Plans serve their members through Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Marketplace and other health programs. For more information, visit


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