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ACAP Celebrates 50 Years of Medicaid

In a statement, ACAP CEO Margaret A. Murray commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Amendments of 1965, which provided Federal authorization for the Medicaid program. 

“Medicaid has been a lifeline for millions of individuals and families across the United States. It’s played a critical role in helping people lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. And it’s touched far more lives than people realize: nearly 2 of every 3 Americans have either benefited from Medicaid, or know someone who has.”

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ACAP Reacts to CMS Research on Link Between Socioeconomic Status, Performance on Medicare Advantage Quality Ratings

ACAP recently reacted to recent study conducted by RAND Corporation researchers on behalf of CMS examining the effects of socioeconomic factors on Medicare Advance Star rating performance. The study found that dual-eligible status was associated with lower scores on 12 of 16 measures studied, or 75 percent. Disability was associated with lower scores on 11 of 16 measures, or 69 percent.

“CMS’ research shows a clear disparity in quality scores for people with low incomes or disabilities," said ACAP CEO Meg Murray. "This is consistent with our plans’ experience. Accordingly,we sustain our call for CMS to implement changes to the Star rating system to adjust for this disparity.” Statement >

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ACAP Named to NQF Measure Applications Partnership for Dual Eligibles

ACAP was recently named by the National Quality Forum to the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries. MAP is a multistakeholder group which reviews and makes recommendations on measures appropriate for public reporting, performance-based payment, and other uses.

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Heather Foster Joins ACAP as Vice President, Marketplace Policy

ACAP recently introduced Heather Foster as the organization’s new Vice President for Marketplace Policy. Ms. Foster joins ACAP with extensive experience in health policy work with associations and in the halls of Congress. At ACAP, Ms. Foster will lead the Association’s efforts to promote policies of interest to Safety Net Health Plans that participate in Health Insurance Marketplaces. Among ACAP’s Marketplace-related policy priorities are a suite of fixes to the Affordable Care Act and efforts to improve continuity of coverage and reduce churn between Medicaid and Marketplace coverage environments. Full Statement >

ACAP Comments on Comprehensive Overhaul of Medicaid Managed Care Regulations

ACAP submitted nearly 60 pages of comments to CMS on its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that governs managed care in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The proposed regulations constitute the most sweeping set of changes to the rules governing managed care organizations serving Medicaid and CHIP since 2002.

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ACAP Issues Recommendations for Refinements to Health Reform

ACAP today issued a set of recommendations to improve the delivery of health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in an effort to smooth the provisions of the Act and make it work better going forward. Among the recommendations laid out today is a sustained call to enact a guarantee of 12-month continuous enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP to reduce gaps in Medicaid coverage, improve health outcomes, and lower administrative burden on states and providers. 

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Inside the ACAP Collaborative to Combat Rx Drug Abuse

A new ACAP report highlights innovative strategies employed by not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans to address the issue of prescription drug abuse—in particular, the misuse and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers. The report draws upon the experience of ACAP’s Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse Collaborative, a group of 13 ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans which designed and executed projects aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse among their plan members. 

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