Real-Time, Prospective Cost Avoidance Solutions For Medicaid and Other Payers of Last Resort

Medicaid plans across the country are focused now, more than ever, on finding savings while maintaining the highest quality of service for their members. In order to succeed, Medicaid plans need to avoid making improper claims payments. With an average of only 17% of errant payments being recovered from labile primary payers, it is vitally important to avoid those payments altogether and eliminate the need to ‘Pay and Chase’ to recover those funds.

Syrtis Solutions has developed ProTPL, a unique solution to Third Party Liability that greatly mitigates the need for post-payment recovery efforts. We do this by prospectively targeting utilizing members and identifying individuals with primary coverage in real-time. When ProTPL discovers other health insurance, Medicaid plans can reverse the latest claim and ensure that future claims, whether pharmacy or medical, aren’t paid in error.

The first step to gaining insight into how ProTPL will benefit your organization is for Syrtis Solutions to conduct a free quantitative claims analysis, so that we can, in empirical terms, show you exactly how much your Medicaid plan can save!

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