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ACAP’s DEI Mentorship Program is a one-year program offering participating plans an opportunity to uniquely invest in their team members by providing an opportunity to have expanded mentorship by having them engage beyond their own health plan. While supporting the retention of promising team members, this experience will also provide participants with exposure to a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and ideas to further develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, which can then be applied in their workplace. The program will enable those who participate as mentors and mentees to become more aware of different perspectives, as well as have a more inclusive understanding of various cultures, work styles, and backgrounds.

Who is the Mentorship Program for?

  • Diverse team members who exhibit high potential and that you want to invest in for professional development.
  • Team members that identify with underrepresented communities, based upon race, gender, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQIA+, and other factors.
  • Diverse team members that you want to develop for future roles and expanded responsibilities.

What will mentees participating in the DEI Mentorship Program experience?

  • Training on how to cultivate a professional mentoring relationship with someone from a diverse set of experiences, background, perspectives, and ideas from their own.
  • Mentoring and support in creating a Professional Development Plan with a specific vision, goals for the mentorship experience, and evaluation of the personal objectives throughout the program.
  • Personal assessment and coaching on leveraging personality and communication styles to enhance professional relationships.
  • One-on-one mentoring and group coaching tailored to the current needs and work experiences of participants with career progression and advancement in mind.


About the 2024 DEI Mentorship cohort:

20 plan staff representing 15 ACAP member plans are participating in ACAP’s 2024 DEI Mentorship Program.
For DEI Mentorship Program Mentee participants only, click here
For DEI Mentorship Program Mentor participants only, click here

For more information, contact Enrique Martinez-Vidal.



ACAP’s Leadership Academy is a one-year program that uses an experiential learning process including in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and peer and executive leadership networking to inform and educate up-and-coming plan staff on important issues related to Medicaid managed care programs. Participants discuss key issues for Safety Net Health Plan operations such as the role of population health and SNHPs, how to maximize the impact of community plans, innovation in delivery systems, and the role of quality and data in improving outcomes.

Participants will earn an ACAP Certificate of Emerging Leadership.


About the 2024 Leadership Academy Cohort:

28 staff representing 22 ACAP member plans are participating in ACAP’s 2024 Leadership Academy. There are a variety of organizational/functional areas represented: Public/Government Affairs, Marketing, Communications, Finance, IT/Data Analytics, Clinical, Medicare, Operations, and Regulatory/Compliance.

For Leadership Academy participants only, click here.
For more information, contact Enrique Martinez-Vidal.

Previous Cohorts:
2022: 17  plan staff representing 10 ACAP member plans participated in ACAP’s 2022 Leadership Academy.
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2023: 22 plan staff representing 13 ACAP member plans are participated in ACAP’s 2023 Leadership Academy.
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*Page access is limited cohort alumni.



As a service to ACAP-member plans, its senior staff can access discounted, personalized media training with MSL which will help plan leaders and other media-facing staff the opportunity to learn best practices in speaking with both broadcast and print media. Training sessions last a morning or afternoon, scheduled at a time that works with your schedule.

  • CEO Training involves a three-hour, 1-on-1 session with the CEO (or other plan leader). A 90-minute training presentation is followed by 90 minutes of practice interviews and critiques. The CEO receives a written memo with recommendations.
  • Small Group Training: One four-hour session for up to five senior executives of a leadership plan. A 90-minute training presentation is followed by a series of 1-on-1 interviews with each senior executive. The group as a whole will watch each interview and critique; each executive will receive a memo with recommendations. 

To learn more, e-mail Jeff Van Ness.

Medicaid Learning Center | Quality Interactions


The Medicaid Learning Center (MLC) is an online education company that provides self-paced Medicaid training. ACAP and the MLC have joined forces to deliver effective, interactive education to Safety Net Health Plans, equipping you to gain deeper knowledge about Medicaid, Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), Health Information Technology (HIT), the Affordable Care Act, and more.

This training is a must-have for every organization that needs training and knowledge about Medicaid. Learn more about the individual certification and course offerings by visiting MLC’s Web site, which includes a complete list of course outlines and offerings.

Request a Quote by contacting MLC directly at, or by calling 207.541.2299 Option 1. Specify you are an ACAP member to receive the best rates.

The Webinar below shows the ins and outs of the training opportunities available from MLC.


Online training for cultural competency and unconscious bias.

ACAP has partnered with Quality Interactions to provide unconscious bias and cultural competency education for interested Safety Net Health Plan staff.

The courses are online, on-demand, and about an hour long. And they’re extensively road-tested: Quality Interactions has trained more than 150,000 health care professionals at the country’s top health plans, hospitals, and medical schools.

Topics covered include:

  • Unconscious bias. This course disarms learners by teaching the cognitive basis for unconscious bias, and provides actionable strategies applied to three case studies.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication. This course helps make the connection between culture, everyday professional interactions, and health outcomes. Lessons focus on how to show respect for diversity, communicate clearly, and resolve differences by engaging the individual.
  • Cultural Competency for Clinicians. This course, designed for clinicians in the health plan setting, builds on the first two courses. Common cross-cultural issues in clinical care set the stage for an actionable approach to negotiating care options.

We’re pleased to work with Quality Interactions, and have them share their experience and expertise with our ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans.

Learn more about this opportunity HERE, or call Quality Interactions at 866-568-9918 for more details.


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