Health Literacy Innovations

Health Literacy/Plain Language Software

Health Literacy Innovations (HLI) creates tools to reduce medical mistakes, unnecessary health care costs, and poor health outcomes from low health literacy. HLI’s flagship product, the Health Literacy Advisor™ (HLA) (in Spanish–Asesor de Comunicación en Salud™), is a state-of-the-art interactive health literacy software tool, available in multiple platforms, including a web-based model.

As a “health literacy checker,” the HLA revolutionizes the labor-intensive health literacy review process by leveraging powerful software to help communicators evaluate, standardize, and produce clear health information.

Uniquely built — the HLA blends best-in-class features for plain language and health literacy compliance, that include English and Spanish Readability Indices, an interactive Search-and-Replace function that offers plain language options for difficult-to-understand terms (eliminating the need for time-consuming copy, cut, and pastes), Usability and Document Assessment Tools that rewards users for good work, and more.

Combined, these features not only make the HLA the most comprehensive health literacy tool in the market today, an ally to health plans, hospitals, and others that face tough health literacy and plain language compliance standards, but a powerful new way to enhance patient engagement. For more information, contact or 301-230-4966.

Aileen Kantor

Vice President, Innovation

7706 Oldchester Road
Bethesda, MD 20187