ACAP Submits Comments on Medicare Prescription Payment Plan Guidance (Part 2)

On March 16, ACAP submitted its comment letter to CMS on the Maximum Monthly Cap on Cost-Sharing Payments Under Prescription Drug Plans: Draft Part Two Guidance on Select Topics, Implementation of Section 1860D-2 of the Social Security Act for 2025.

ACAP chose to respond to this draft guidance in support of the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan’s overarching goals and suggested approaches; but with several requests to ensure that this program will be appropriately targeted to those who would benefit the most.

These requests include comments on the following:

  • Concerns about Impacts on the LIS/Duals Population
  • Model Materials
  • Web-based Applications
  • Member ID Care Mailings
  • Requirements for Identifying Enrollees Likely to Benefit Prior to the Plan Year
  • Quality Measures
  • Program Monitoring
  • Operational Flexibility

Read the comment letter in full, including expanded comments, via the sidebar on the right.