Wellbridge Health is a connected health management company offering a unique high-tech high-touch model of chronic disease management (including comorbid behavioral health) that significantly lowers healthcare spend by reducing avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations and dramatically improves self-management. Our program outcomes are excellent across all indicators, including ROI, clinical outcomes, enrollment, adherence, retention, and member satisfaction in both urban and rural settings.

The Wellbridge Health model of care management combines simple, customizable 7-day/week remote symptom monitoring with weekly video chats with a dedicated health coach.This comprehensive approach provides our health coaches, who are all master’s prepared and have additional training in behavior change techniques to achieve the broad scope of goals that together impact health spend, outcomes and, where relevant, independence:

1) Getting ahead of medical crises;
2) Teaching how to access the right care at the right time at the right place;
3) Improving self-management (including medication management) and preventing disease progression;
4) Providing resource guidance and removing barriers that address the social determinants of health.

About Wellbridge Health’s SDOH Services: 

Our master’s level health coaches utilize each member’s own SDOH needs to inform their care plan, and address these needs directly throughout the program. They address focused health education, access (everything is remote so can be accessed from anywhere including rural areas), adherence to preventive health screenings, lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, etc. and how to access them in low income communities, preventing loneliness, improving communication between patients and providers, and directing members to SDOH resources.

Pam Greenhouse
Chief Operating Officer
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