Veyo, one of the largest full service Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) brokers in the healthcare industry today, was created with the vision to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare services to its members. Veyo’s Model integrates three groundbreaking approaches to ensure compliance, reduce costs, and deliver a world class experience to members:

1. Technology and Data: Modern technology designed specifically for healthcare and the management of the NEMT benefit. Every stakeholder in the NEMT ecosystem is connected transparently through Veyo’s purpose-built portals and apps to ensure real time tracking, communication, and the elimination of barriers to care.

2. Virtual Fleet: A revolutionary transportation supply model that flexes with demand
changes. Veyo created a proprietary fleet of Independent Driver Providers(IDP), individuals driving their own vehicles that are fully credentialed trained to meet or exceed all Medicaid requirements. That fleet of IDPs combined with traditional NEMT providers and the utilization of Lyft where allowed ensures excess capacity that can scale in real time to meet demand changes.

3. Proven Partner: The innovation of a disruptor with the experience of an industry
Veteran ensures that every member of our team is aligned to the needs of our customers in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Background/Data: Veyo was formed in 2015 by merging the NEMT division of Total Transit with 2Pointb to create a NEMT broker that uses modern technology, an innovative supply model and a data rich approach to solving the historical problems that managed care plans and their members have faced for decades.

Today, Veyo is responsible for 5.4 million lives within our 12 managed care customers and 2 state agencies, managing over 40,000 trips daily across our nine state market. Three of our customers are members of ACAP.

Stan Sipes

EVP Business Development

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