We are a SAAS plus Services leading-edge software company located in Germantown, WI. VBA is focused on delivering a comprehensive suite of cloud-based healthcare administration tools for the insurance industry including:

VBASoftware (admin platform) – A fully integrated end to end cloud based solution with the ability to administer any line of business, including Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex, HRA/HSA, Life & Disability, and more, on a single platform and pay claims in real time (VBARTCP).

VBAGateway (client themed portals) – An all-encompassing, cloud-based platform, our suite of portals are designed to connect payers to their members, providers, employers and brokers

VBAMobile (client themed member mobile apps) – Powered by our member portal, the the mobile app is design to meet your members where they are. The Mobile app is white labeled by our customers and available in the Apple and Google stores

VBAnalytics (analytics, data science) – our analytics solution is a robust, cloud-based platform, powered by Microsoft Power BI, which provides a wealth of options for generating reports. The platform features stories which provide insight into claims utilization, operations and administrative efficiencies, enrollment trends and more.

VBAVoice (IVR & Chat) – An intuitive, cloud based voice response application with a real-time integration with our portals, delivering critical information such as eligibility, claims and authorizations status in real-time.

VBA Total Enrollment – Member Online Enrollment and Premium Billing Solution be used for all benefit elections including Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex, HRA/HSA, Life & Disability and Cobra coverages.

In the SAAS plus Services model the Plus Services means VBA handles all the backroom IT for our clients by handling all EDI inbound and outbound file transactions for hundreds of trading partners representing thousands of files.

VBA solutions can be licensed together in any combination or licensed as a standalone solution. In any case, they are designed to provide a better member experience and to help reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Value-Based Care Reporting:

In order to fully realize the benefits of value- based care, payers need a solution that allows them to evaluate provider performance in terms of both quality and cost. VBA has teamed up with our preferred partner, Healthcare Bluebook, to incorporate Quantros quality scores for over half a million physicians and hospitals into our VBAnalytics Value- Based Care Reporting solution.

Combining Cost and Quality Data in a Single Reporting Solution
VBAnalytics already provides robust analysis and reporting of healthcare utilization and costs, and offers insight to help ensure your health plans are performing effectively. Adding Quantros quality scores allows you to take your value-based care reporting to the next level.

Comprehensive Quality Scores
Quality scores are derived by examining three different areas of performance: mortality, complications and unplanned encounters. The provider’s overall quality score is a weighted average of performance in these three key areas. Weighting is based on the number of “at-risk” episodes for each quality metric.

Data is combined among multiple providers to create an episode of care, which allows for a more comprehensive view of the patient’s experience. All providers that contributed to the episode of care are responsible for the patient’s outcome.

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