Spring Street Exchange works with mission-aligned organizations in support of strategic and operational transformation. Our mission is to work with healthcare leaders and organizations who are ready to make a difference are committed to making healthcare right. Our in-depth strategic planning and scenario planning services support community-based health plans in securing their space in healthcare of the future. We help organizations to connect a longer-term vision with strategic and operational goals in a near term plan grounded in clarity and accountability.

Our SDOH services help plans take a comprehensive, strategic, and practical approach to socially-informed healthcare. Our work is grounded in benchmark data and promising practices gathered from our direct services work and spectrum of intelligence offerings.

All of our work is built upon Spring Street’s unique approach to creating and communicating insight out of data so that it can be applied in the real world.

About Spring Street Exchange’s SDOH Services: 

Spring Street Exchange is a leader in supporting managed Medicaid plans in their work related to SDOH and health equity. We lead the SDOH Innovation Center, SDOH Learning Collaborative, and SDOH Benchmark Assessment with ACAP. In addition, we support plans with SDOH strategy, SDOH market assessment, SDOH program and services, and measurement of outcomes from SDOH programs.

Janice Sparks

Director, Strategic Consulting

PO Box 579
Lexington, MA 02420