For community health plans who must promote health-improving interventions among their membership, Siftwell provides AI analytics-as-a-service to identify members at risk of development new diagnoses and comorbidities and prioritize the actions and interventions that they can take to disrupt this emerging risk.
With Siftwell’s artificial intelligence, community health plans can identify specific member trajectories and circumstances and intervene early, with better precision, better empathy, and improved engagement. Siftwell has models for population health, member retention, risk adjustment, and quality score improvements (HEDIS, STAR, CAHPS, etc.).

Unlike other ‘predictive analytics’ tools that tell population health, marketing, and quality teams who to focus on via high-level risk stratification, Siftwell provides prescriptive analytics—we help plans find the “WHO” and the “WHY,” but importantly, “WHAT to do about it.” Siftwell adds to the existing analytics team and solution sets parents already have and aligns to the core objectives of their teams and organization.

About Siftwell’s SDOH Services: 

Siftwell joins its existing SDOH datasets with partners’ claims data to provide a novel and robust view on member circumstances than is currently possible. Siftwell has proven more than 2x the predictive performance of existing solutions, who do not account for SDOH. With this predictive power and member data, our partners know who to focus on with more precision and can interact and intervene with members more empathetically and effectively to improve their circumstances.

Trey Sutten

CEO and Co-Founder

1235 East Blvd, Suite E
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Charlotte, NC 28203