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Sellers Dorsey is a national healthcare consulting firm providing expertise to clients in the public and private sectors. The firm helps its clients navigate the ever-changing healthcare marketplace, provides clarity at the intersection of industry, policy, and government, and understands and translates market trends, such as the move towards improved coordination and quality of care for the growing aging and disabled populations through fully integrated health care plans and Managed Long Term Services and Supports.

The firm offers consulting services in three areas of importance to ACAP members – (1) Medicaid Market Advisory Services; (2) Medicaid Finance, Delivery, and Payment System Reform Services; and (3) Medicaid Transformation and Health Policy Services. With experience in both planning and implementing procurements for state governments, the Sellers Dorsey team has helped clients secure winning awards. The firm has successfully expanded business for health plans, helping them partner with states to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for its citizens.  The firm also works on projects to expand Medicaid managed care, develop reimbursement strategies to reward quality, and use data to target areas or populations not currently being addressed.  Lastly, with governors and other policy makers seeking flexibility and sustainability for their Medicaid programs, the firm works to develop, negotiate and implement various Medicaid or public healthcare reform initiatives.

Rachel Feldman
Associate Director
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