The journey of a patient goes through multiple providers that operate in silos. This leads to patient frustration, suboptimal outcomes, and increased costs due to inefficient and outdated workflows in the care continuum.

Rovicare’s cloud-based software has modernized and streamlined care coordination by automating tasks that traditionally rely on manual processes (email, phone calls, text, and fax) and seamlessly connecting stakeholders (health plans, providers, members/patients, and caregivers). The platform offers a range of key features:

• Automated care / service coordination workflow
• Intelligent / tiered network management
• AI-driven algorithm for matching patients and providers
• Closed-loop referral automation
• Workforce capacity tracking
• High-cost patient administration
• Patient and family engagement
• Centralized stakeholder communications and record sharing
• Real-time analytics on network performance and member quality measures

Following implementation, Rovicare offers real-time analytics to promote timely delivery of services and identify and address service gaps associated with provider skills, geography, member profiles, and other relevant factors. Rovicare’s tools help address network adequacy and enhance network performance to support the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.

Rovicare proudly serves as a trusted partner to a robust clientele of over 2,000 organizations, including health plans, value-based care / At-Risk organizations, and integrated providers.

With Rovicare, you can expect:
• Reduced Total Cost of Care
• Reduced Time to Start Services
• Improved Patient Outcomes
• Improved Quality Measures (HEDIS)
• Improved Provider Network Adequacy

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