Pear Suite’s care navigation platform enables community health workers (CHWs) to better assess and address social drivers of health challenges among the Medicaid population. The platform’s customizable screening tools, workflow builder, resource management system, and omni-channel communication increases CHW work efficiency, addresses health-related social needs, connects data back to EHRs, and allows organizations to bill for services.

Pear Suite also offers tech-enabled CHW services to help health plans and providers close care gaps by phone, text, and in-person engagement. CHWs are hired locally, bilingual, and understand the communities if which they serve. With our extensive training and care navigation platform, we can cost-effectively support plans and providers with screenings, resource-linking, benefit adherence, and friendly check-ins.

About Pear Suite’s SDOH Services: 

Pear Suite’s care navigation platform empowers community health workers (CHWs) and helps plans and providers to scale their impact through this experienced and culturally sensitive workforce. By enabling CHWs with technology, we can help organizations collect and act on data and address social determinants of health challenges in a person-centered, scalable way. Our platform also enables community-based organizations to partner with health plans and providers to collaboratively promote preventative measures and reduce social challenges.

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