Our mission at NourishedRx is to improve the lives of those suffering from diet-sensitive disease and nutrition insecurity, to contribute to health equity, and to bend the health care cost curve. We provide highly personalized food solutions for health plans’ most vulnerable members. We deliver food from a wide assortment of high quality, healthy food vendors and customize each plan based on members’ individual preferences and circumstances. Along with healthy food, we also provide education and encouragement, and connection to community-based resources to drive lasting behavior change and ensure individuals stay healthy for the long run. Our custom solutions deliver increased member engagement & satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and meaningful cost savings.

We currently offer two programs:
(1) The Project Well Program: Our comprehensive, 4-12 month intervention in which we provide highly personalized food solutions to individuals comprised of food (meals, meal kits, groceries) + accompaniment. This solution is ideal for targeting health plans’ highest risk members facing nutrition insecurity and/or diet-related health conditions.
(2) A Healthy Dose Delivered: Our 1-2 month renewable program in which we provide culturally relevant grocery and/or produce bundles along with shopping and meal prep guidance. This is best suited for a broader subset of your members facing nutrition insecurity and/or diet-related health conditions.

Within Medicare Advantage, our food solutions may be covered as a Special Supplemental Benefit for the Chronically Ill (SSBCI), Quality Improvement Activity, and in the SNP Model of Care, among other areas. Those interested in learning more about a partnership with NourishedRx can reach out to partner@nourishedrx.com.


About NourishedRX’s SDOH Services: 

NourishedRx is the first smart, Food-for-Health market platform designed to drive lasting dietary change for health plan members. The company’s core AI-enabled platform matches at-risk members with personalized, Registered Dietitian–vetted high-quality meal and grocery offerings that leverage behavioral science to support lasting dietary change and, ultimately, improved health outcomes. The platform unlocks the untapped potential of nutrition by integrating clinically tailored meals and diet education into the healthcare payment and delivery system.


Jeff Hancock
Chief Growth Officer