North Compass Solutions, LLC offers services to empower leaders to strategically align people with effective processes in order to execute with excellence and maximize return on investment. Our consulting, coaching, and training services are tailored for high transition organizations. We enable teams to shift from constant firefighting mode to developing coherent strategy, implementing solutions and best practices, and collaboratively engaging in process improvement.

With over 20+ years of leadership experience, including managed care operations in government-sponsored programs, we uniquely develop services that help health plan leaders and teams take theory to reality. Specifically, some of our services include:

● Project/Initiative Execution Consulting
● Lean Process Improvement Consulting
● Management Outsourcing

● Team Behavioral Assessment & Analysis
● Overcoming Dysfunctional Team Behaviors Training & Consulting

● Leadership Behavioral, Communication, & Personality Assessment
● Foundations of Effective Leadership Training
● Individual and Group Coaching for Executives, Leaders, and Emerging Leaders

● Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training & Consulting
● Developing HR To Be A Valuable Business Partner Training & Consulting

● Strategic Planning Services & Training
● Management/Leadership Retreat Services

Alicia Turner


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