NOKOMIS: Experts in Claim Accountability

At the core of Nokomis is Claim Accountability, a holistic approach to claim submission review that combines customizable technology with an expert team of reviewers. Claim accountability goes beyond payment integrity and code edits, using intelligent claim selection and experienced record reviewers to find inaccuracies in all claims, regardless of dollar amount.

Nokomis, founded in 2013, and proud to serve ACAP plans, saves plans an average of 9%, freeing more dollars for the programs your plan cares about most!

Further, Nokomis can help plans understand where claim inaccuracies occur, before payment, allowing each plan to decide how to address them. When training is of interest, Nokomis workshops help provider teams improve claim accuracy. Each health plan partner with Nokomis can turn specific review rules on or off depending on requirements and relationships.

Nokomis team members have worked in health plans and understand the process of adding a new vendor, so making implementation as easy as possible is a top priority. All claim reviews are handled before payment and are supported by external requirements, guidelines, and rules, with 99.3% of Nokomis recommended denials seeing no appeals. Promptness is key and all reviews are completed within one business day. It’s important to note that plans only pay Nokomis a percentage of the savings identified – there are no fees or minimums.
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