Nokomis provides comprehensive, customized payment integrity services to health plans, third party administrators, and payors. Nokomis believes health plans should only pay for services that actually occurred. However, 3-to-7% of all claims still are coded inaccurately and billed at point of payment. Since 2013, the unique, multi-stage, prepayment claims review process at Nokomis, in combination with the hands-on, dedicated team, have been saving health plans more than $20 PMPM, all with no up-front fees, long-term contract, or monthly minimums. Nokomis is known for its innovative and knowledge-based approach to identifying medical claim savings for payors. Nokomis’s proprietary claim review engine, ClaimWise(TM), is designed to be the best in the industry, scanning all claims to detect coding errors and to identify claims requiring further review. The experienced medical code team at Nokomis assesses each suspicious claim to ensure coding rules were accurately followed, and to pinpoint those needing individual records review. Nokomis experts then request records on select claims for a more holistic view. The comprehensive suite of services supports payors and health plans throughout their entire claim adjudication process, leading to an increase in compliance, long-term savings, and proper claim payments. Contact Nokomis at to see more savings!


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