NationsBenefits® is a leading member engagement, benefits administration, and healthcare company that partners with managed care organizations to provide innovative healthcare solutions aimed at driving growth, reducing costs, and delighting members. Through its comprehensive suite of innovative supplemental benefits, payments platform, and member engagement solutions, NationsBenefits helps health plans deliver high quality benefits to their members that help address social determinants of health and improve member health outcomes and satisfaction. The Company’s compliance-focused infrastructure, proprietary technology systems, and premier service delivery model allow NationsBenefits’ health plan partners to deliver high quality, value-based care to millions of members.

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About NationsBenefits’ SDOH Services: 

NationsBenefits® helps simplify access to benefits that many health plan partners are
leveraging to impact key SDOH areas directly. Solutions like healthy foods, flex cards, over-
the-counter (OTC) items, and transportation have aided many health plan partners in helping
beneficiaries access care and address socioeconomic concerns.
-Healthy Food programs including grocery items, fresh produce, and prepared meals with
home delivery make it easier and more convenient for members to take the necessary steps
toward improved health through better food choices.
-Flex Card solution provides a personalized debit card that gives members quick and easy
access to the funds in their account and a simple way to pay for eligible items and approved
-OTC benefit provides members with access to a variety of brand-name and generic health
and wellness products with online, telephone, and mail ordering options, as well as home
delivery at no additional cost. Retail purchasing options are also available.
-Transportation benefit provides members access to rides for select health care services, such as wellness exams, dental procedures, and routine check-ups.

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