Merit Create helps health plans achieve member health and business outcomes through improved outreach and engagement. Our experience spans decades of b2c & b2b marketing & communications experience coupled with Medicaid managed care leadership. We believe that prioritizing member engagement & experience improves equity and access, reduces risk and friction, and achieves health and quality goals.

Our services are unique to each organization, and broadly encompass strategic advisory, consumer partnership, outreach optimization, and fractional marketing & communications support. In each case, we evaluate the efficacy of current activities and collaborate to create a comprehensive roadmap towards both your health outcome and fiscal goals.

We choose to work predominantly with community-based, safety-net organizations because our hearts and expertise are aligned with reaching the unreachable and serving the under-served. At the end of the day, we strive to be the partners we needed when we sat on the other side of the table.

About Merit Create’s SDOH Services: 

Marketing, communications, & outreach strategies for implementing SDOH initiatives, with a focus on member experience, uptake and engagement.

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