J2 Health is a cloud-based software solution that enables health organizations to build their best provider networks with focus and speed. Founder, Josh Poretz, was inspired to build a tool he wished he had when he was working at payer, developing new networks in 15 states within 3 years. Centralizing key access, performance, & marketability insights into one solution, J2 allows organizations to accomplish in seconds what previously took weeks.

J2 currently offers three main products. Our Adequacy Achievement Module brings together interactive mapping and exportable table views to allow health organizations to assess the adequacy of their networks, find providers that can close their gaps, and run additional “what-if” scenario models. Incorporating in cost & quality scoring, our Performance Insights Module allows health organizations to prioritize providers beyond adequacy. Our Third Module allows plans to compare their network compositions to those of their competitors to find their own differentiation.

Ava Woychuk-Mlinac

Head of Operations & GTM
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite A241
New York, NY 10001