Itiliti Health provides payer solutions for the prior authorization space. Our first product, PA Checkpoint, was conceived within Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and spun out into Itiliti Health. Checkpoint assists health plans reduce costs by eliminating hundreds of thousands of unnecessary prior authorization related telephone calls and submissions. PA Checkpoint uniquely tackles this problem at the source and has reduced PA calls and PA workload for Blue Cross MN by 30% resulting in over $5M in annual savings.

Itiliti’s solution incorporates the health plans medical policies and rules into their application and provides a means for providers to access those rules within their EMR or within the existing health plan provider portal. The product is unique in that it is a relatively easy implementation and delivers immediate results. Our next product, PA Complete, will be released in mid 2022 and will automate prior authorization adjudication using AI and NLP. Itiliti Health is an experienced health plan focused partner and have a robust roadmap to address several additional payer challenges for interoperability and transparency.

Marise Condon
SVP Sales
6299 Country Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55346-1342