Itiliti Health is on a mission to streamline prior authorizations using medical policy transparency and AI to deliver widely available, automated prior authorizations to the US healthcare system. This will save costs for both insurers and providers and deliver faster, higher quality care to consumers. Itiliti Health provides our prior authorization solutions to payers. Our solutions are sold to health plans and eliminate time-consuming and inefficient manual processes in their prior authorization interactions with providers. Our SaaS solution incorporates complex health plan and government requirements into a digital platform that enables modern data handling and eliminates manual processes that typically dominate prior authorizations. Itiliti Health’s products’ ability to provide a database of the health plan medical policies and prior authorization rules provides a key foundation in payer-provider communication and automation of the prior authorization process. The other solutions in our product portfolio leverage this unique foundation to support the streamlining of the process. Our solution will complete the entire end-to-end prior authorization process starting before the prior authorization is submitted all the way through the final determination of approval/denial.

Marise Condon
SVP Sales
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