Explore the breadth of Imagenet’s services, including digital mailroom, claims adjudication, and contact center services. These solutions are meticulously designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure the seamless delivery of healthcare to communities across the nation. With a 24-year history of serving the healthcare industry, Imagenet has emerged as a trusted partner for health plans and managed care organizations nationwide.

As experts in tech-enabled people operations, Imagenet leverages deep industry experience and a robust national recruiting engine to drive operational efficiency for their clients. Imagenet’s impressive list of 150+ clients, coupled with an outstanding 95% client retention rate, serves as a testament to their consistent delivery of quality service.

Imagenet’s proprietary delivery model strategically blends people, processes, and technology to improve operational and financial performance for clients. Outsourcing back-office tasks through Imagenet brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved process controls, volatility mitigation, trend identification, and industry-leading security.

ACAP members are encouraged to reach out for a personalized assessment of their needs. Imagenet is here to support you on your journey towards operational excellence in healthcare.

Abhishek Sengupta

Chief Commercial Officer

5401 W Kennedy Blve, Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33609