Developed with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program by Truth Initiative is your best strategic partner to end smoking, vaping, and nicotine use among members and their families.

The EX Program is the most validated digital solution for tobacco addiction on the market today. Here’s what sets us apart:

Unrivaled scientific leadership: Your health plan gets the best of the best: Mayo Clinic’s proven treatment model and Truth Initiative’s scientific leadership in digital quit-tobacco solutions.

Real-time dashboards: You gain anytime access to a real-time dashboard to track your progress to goals. Get immediate answers to how many members set a quit date, ordered medication, completed the program, and more so you can easily report on member engagement.

Trailblazing addiction treatment: The EX Program blends innovative and effective approaches to set new standards for nicotine addiction treatment. We leverage the latest technology, advanced data analytics, and a deep understanding of today’s tobacco users to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Customized expert guidance: Our certified experts guide your health plan on vendor change, proactive year-round promotions, incentive design, seamless handling of eligibility files, and more.

Clients who use our best practices see a 52% quit rate among participants.

Interested in tips on how to select a better quit-tobacco solution for your members? Download our Health Plan Buyer’s Guide to Quit-tobacco Programs. Connect with us at and see an instant demo of the EX Program client experience today.

About EX Program’s SDOH Services: 

SDOH can lead to stress, which can also affect an individual’s tobacco use. Stress from financial problems, discrimination, or unsafe neighborhoods can make it harder to quit smoking and can increase tobacco product use. EX addresses how to manage stress to quit and our coaches are trained to be trauma-informed; however, our program does not specifically address SDOH. We can integrate with other solutions to refer members when needed.

Stacy Freeborg-Junge

VP of Marketing

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