Catalyst Solutions is a payer specific consulting company that provides advisory, operational, and technology consulting to insurers on a national basis. Catalyst has several practices areas including Core Systems Implementations/Upgrades, Configuration, Health Plan Operations, Health Plan Technology, and QA/Testing.

Catalyst has two key focus areas which include helping plans to “Be Effective” and “Be Different”.

To help plans be more effective, Catalyst focuses on helping plans to:
  • reduce cost per member
  • optimize business process
  • ensure configuration of the core systems effectively supports the business
  • improve quality of care management
  • make data driven decisions
  • eliminate technology inefficiencies
  • nimbly digest mandates
  • provide efficient member contact
Catalyst works with plans to think differently by helping them:
  • think like the competition (only better)
  • create a brand that’s authentic
  • create a customer experience that “wows”
  • build an organizational ethos that’s deliberate and actionable
About Catalyst Solution’s SDOH Services: 
Catalyst Solutions delivers comprehensive and flexible solutions to meet the unique SDOH needs of your members. Catalyst utilizes leading Population Health Management platforms to identify SDoH needs using public and proprietary data sets. Further, we provide direct operations services to manage the identified SDoH needs of your members.
Ragan Corliss
Director, Marketing
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