CareBridge is a healthcare technology company based in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals receiving long-term care services (LTSS) in their homes. CareBridge offers health plans an integrated suite of benefit management and risk-based services to manage both the LTSS and medical benefits of their most vulnerable population. The CareBride 24/7 Member Support program deploys tablets to the homes of individuals with complex medical needs. This technology connects member and caregivers with a broader interdisciplinary care team and features a “red button” for access to care when they need it the most, 24 hours a day/7-days a week. It also seamlessly gives providers, caregivers, and care coordinators access to real-time and high-powered analytics to inform clinical decisions. The CareBridge care team provides enhanced and constant support, such as developing targeted clinical interventions to prevent hospitalizations, prescribing medications when appropriate, addressing quality measures, and closing HEDIS gaps.

CareBridge also provides fully-integrated and industry-first tools to manage LTSS benefits. Leveraging over six years of EVV and claims data, machine learning, and the insights of some of the nation’s leading LTSS experts, CareBridge has built a proprietary level-of-care analytics solution that is transparent and ensures assessments being performed are accurate, consistent, and aligned with national best practice. Lastly, CareBridge offer a patented EVV solution for all types of personal care services and home health services paired with a custom-built data aggregation engine that provides analytics and validation to plans.

Todd Leri

Chief Growth Officer

926 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206