Over the years, the leaders here at Animas Data Solutions have observed the very high costs and general frustration associated with incomplete, inaccurate, and quickly out-of-date provider data. We decided to apply deep technical expertise proven to streamline the handling and enrichment of very large provider and member datasets to every payer use-case. This has led us to develop effective solutions in provider data management for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans.

Our SAS platform ProviderLenz is a complete master data management system that offers a full suite of provider data management tools for health plans. ProviderLenz provides health plans provider data curation and enrichment, directory services, real time network adequacy, provider sanctions monitoring, and provider attestation services (via e-mail, fax, or telephonic) all in one platform.

ProviderLenz ensures that all health plans are fully compliant with the three core provider data management requirements within the ‘No Surprises Act’ that is scheduled to take effect in January of 2022.

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Chief Revenue Officer

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