AArete’s healthcare payer consulting integrates extensive business, clinical, and technical expertise across the full spectrum of payer operations to help clients improve their profitability and productivity while realizing their care management goals. We serve government-sponsored health plans, as well as commercial health plans of all sizes by designing and implementing end-to-end solutions that balance costs and revenue impact, manage risk, and improve quality of care.

By the Numbers:

  • Experience with 120+ Health Plan Clients
  • Have worked with many ACAP member plans
  • Clients include 9 of the top 10 Healthcare Payers by At-Risk Membership
  • All U.S. Markets & Lines of Business

AArete uses data analytics, proprietary market intelligence, proven methodologies, and advanced technology to rapidly identify and implement measurable solutions. Our healthcare payer solutions are designed to decrease your overall expenses while improving your health plan’s operational efficiency, claims accuracy, and quality of care.

  • Cost Management & Revenue Optimization
  • Network Solutions
  • Quality Improvement & Member Satisfaction
  • Operational Improvement & Healthcare Technology

AArete was founded in 2008 to humanize data by translating numbers into actionable insights, helping our health plan clients make better decisions and working by their side to foster change with confidence, empathy, and purpose. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of leading payer organizations, giving us expertise and credibility in addressing the unique challenges of safety net health plans.

Matthew Trimble

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