Webinar: ACAP’s Innovative Approaches in Care Coordination and Delivery for Children with Special Health Care Needs

May 18, 2017

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This Webinar covered an ACAP report, Innovative Approaches in Care Coordination and Care Delivery, which profiles the efforts of Safety Net Health Plans to provide Medicaid coverage and high-quality care coordination for children with special health care needs. On this Webinar, NORC’s project lead summarized the report and described emerging themes in coverage and care for children and their families. Then, representatives from Safety Net Health Plans:

  • Described their work to improve integration of behavioral health services with physical health care,
  • Discussed how they identify children who are appropriate for enhanced care coordination through data analysis, and
  • Described programs to cover foster children in Medicaid, including efforts to conduct health screening, measure quality, and manage polypharmacy issues.

Finally, a policy expert described her efforts and work with Medicaid health plans in the District of Columbia to improve Medicaid coverage for special needs children.


  • Loren Sidman, Director of Behavioral Health, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
  • Mike Boeder, Director, Care4Kids, Children’s Community Health Plan
  • Cheryl Austein Casnoff, Senior Fellow, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • Colleen Sonosky, Associate Director, Division of Children’s Health services, HCDMA, District of Columbia
  • Jennifer Babcock, Vice President of Medicaid Policy, ACAP

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