How Medicaid Means Jobs for Better Health

September 20, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019

SR-485 —Russell Building

This briefing will examine the link between employment and health care. One in four American adults without a high school diploma is enrolled in Medicaid. Conversely, jobs offer greater economic security and increased ability to accumulate wealth, enabling individuals to obtain health care when needed. Safety Net Health Plans are addressing social determinants of health to improve the well-being of Medicaid enrollees. The briefing audience will hear from representatives from CareSource, a Medicaid Managed Care Organization that spans five states, as they discuss education and employment initiatives that have improved the health and well-being of their Medicaid members. A new report detailing ACAP-member plans’ efforts in advancing education and employment initiatives will also be discussed.


Welcome, Introductions, & Overview of Social Determinants of Health

  • Jennifer McGuigan Babcock, Vice President, Medicaid Policy & Director of Strategic Operations, ACAP

Insight from an Ohio-based Medicaid Managed Care Plan

  • Karin VanZant, MPA, Vice President, Integrated Community Partnerships, CareSource
  • Christina Tellis, Life Coach, CareSource

Perspectives on Medicaid Coverage and Employment

  • David Carter, Graduate, CareSource Life Services JobConnect



ACAP gratefully acknowledges the office of Senator Sherrod Brown for securing the room for this event.