ACAP SDOH Vendor Showcase 2023

October 17, 2023 - October 27, 2023


Advancing Health Equity – How SDOH Data Impacts Patient Health and Drives Meaningful Change

Date: October 26, 2023 

While social drivers of health (SDOH) have always played a crucial role in health outcomes, the past several years have shown that organizations have become increasingly focused on obtaining and acting on this information. But how can SDOH data become actionable insights that drive meaningful change and positively impact patients’ health and outcomes? In this webinar Azara Healthcare will share how to effectively leverage SDOH data to improve quality and health outcomes and how insights into overall population health and health equity are a key element of driving meaningful change. We will share three steps to advance healthy equity priorities by identifying populations at greatest risk, stratifying by risk factors and engaging patients to proactively manage care—ultimately empowering patients to reach their full health potential.


SDOH Supplemental Benefit Manager

Date: October 23, 2023 

With the integration between Beacon Benefit Manager with providers and vendors to automatically send the referrals and receive data back about services provided to the member it allows the plan to connect and close the loop on member outcomes. They can confirm what services or interventions are referred, provided, and even store member preferences for future referrals.

Plans can see who is using the SDOH benefits, how many interventions per member, and what the highest utilization is. They can also auto renew the referral annually with AEP retrigger functionality all using our tool.
Supporting the Family Caregiver is a Social Determinant of Health

Date: October 17, 2023

Introduction to the eFamilyCare platform for virtual support for family caregivers.
Why support the family caregiver. How supporting the family caregiver is a social determinant of health.
How we support family caregivers of both adults and children.
Outcomes from health plan members and case studies.
Demo of the app and features including interaction with health plan teams.


SDOH Market Insights: Actionable Data to Achieve Health Equity

Date: October 20, 2023

This webinar will provide a deep dive into the importance of detailed SDOH data to health outcomes with an understanding of the complex interactions of social risk, patient demographics, and clinical characteristics. SDOH analytics is not “one size fits all” but must be keenly focused on the outcomes and populations of interest to identify key drivers. The barriers to access to treatment may be very different from the barriers to achieving good outcomes. Extensive data and analytics with flexible tools to drill down to the level of detail needed is essential. We will describe the necessary data, including SDOH data which continues to be a barrier for health plans, as well as the analytic approaches to identifying and addressing health disparities.

Enabling Family Caregivers to Drive Better Health Outcomes

Date: October, 27, 2023

Mellie will cover the following topics:
a) the challenges faced by older adults and family caregivers
b) Mellie’s solution – an overview
c) Mellie’s solution – a demo of the platform
d) Value & Benefits – examples of our success in addressing SDOH
e) Discussion – questions and answers
Engaging the Unengaged with AI: how to reach your hardest to reach members

Date: October 18, 2023 

Join N1 Health as we share results from our help first approach to engaging members. This proven method identifies the best-fit benefit aligned to each member’s individual social needs and recommended contact method to improve clinical outcomes and engagement in preventive care.
Leveraging Jiva for Social Care

Date: 10/24/2023

1. Discuss how leveraging a solid HRSN strategy can advance health equity.
2. Learn how to leverage Jiva to meet changing regulatory requirements.
3. Learn how to drive more equitable health outcomes.
4. Explore how to use technology to collect, share, and analyze data to meet regulatory requirements and operational strategies.
Community Lynk+: Identify, Document, and Surface Solutions for Your Members’ Social Care Needs

Date: October 19, 2023

CMS and other regulatory agencies are developing and evolving regulations to address the holistic well-being of plan members and promote equitable access to healthcare and other essential resources. As regulations emerge and evolve, plans must adjust their SDoH strategy to meet these new standards. Join BeneLynk for an engaging and informative webinar where we will discuss social care tools and technologies that allow health plans to:
• Engage vulnerable members via a human-to-human connection
• Identify social care needs using an extensive SDoH assessment
• Provide tailored solutions utilizing a vast network of federal, state, and local benefit programs
• Streamline data collection and management by efficiently mapping our SDoH assessment responses to Z-codes, SNOMED, and LOINC


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