HFI Healthcare Financial 

What We Do

HFI creates significant new revenue for Medicaid plans through the use of our Medicaid-to-SSI solution, which includes our unique modeling technology, MasterMinePLUSTM,and our traditional social work roots. HFI’s SSI solution is proven to produce 3-5 times more SSI conversions than other competitor solutions.  We provide a complete turnkey solution that creates new revenue for you at no risk; you don’t pay HFI until we have successfully reclassified your member!  Medicaid health plans see dramatic revenue maximization through increased capitation rates and your members get additional needed benefits and coverage.

Who we are

Improving lives is not only a part of our mission, it’s what our employees LIVE every day of their lives.  Our staff of Knowledge Experts is made up of 80% Bachelor and Master level Social Workers, and 20% a combination of professional designations (Nurse, Licensed Mental Health Professional, certified substance abuse and HIV counselors, etc). ALL of our Knowledge Experts have years of experience working with the disabled, medically needy, chronically ill population. 

Many HFI staffers are active volunteers for homeless shelters, anti-human trafficking organizations, hospice and more.

About Healthcare Financial, Inc. (HFI):

Founded in 1999 by CEO Jerry Vitti, HFI is a mission driven company that creates 10’s ofmillions of dollars per year for our Medicaid health plans clients. We specialize in Medicaid-to-SSI solutions that connect low-income people and disabled individuals with disability benefits. We are experts at advocating for the socially and/or medically complex applicant.

Rob Wilson
Director of Sales
200 High Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA  02110
Phone:  401-741-8332