Safety Net Health Plan Telemedicine Initiatives Profiled in New ACAP Report

A new ACAP fact sheet examines four plans' to maximize their network capacity through telemedicine in an effort to meet the primary and specialty care needs of individuals and families--including those who recently gained coverage through the expansion of the Medicaid program.

Telemedicine can be of particular help to patients who live in areas with few or no specialists, as it can spare them a long wait for an appointment or along drive. It can also help specialists dispense care more efficiently by providing consults to primary care physicians (PCPs) and providing direct access for patients with more complex needs. The report profiles the efforts of five Safety Net Health Plans to implement telemedicine, and provides policy suggestions aimed at lowering barriers to its adoption.

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ACAP Report Profiles Efforts to Bridge Gap Between Physical, Mental Health Services

A new ACAP fact sheet examines the efforts of four Safety Net Health Plans across the country to bridge the traditional divide between physical and behavioral health services, which contributes to materially worse health outcomes for people who live with mental illness.  People who live with mental illness are nearly twice as likely to have an additional chronic physical health condition compared with those without mental illness, and more than twice as likely to describe themselves as having fair or poor health status. They also have higher mortality rates, on average dying decades earlier but from treatable causes including cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. The report was funded by a grant from the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions. 

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ACAP Highlights Best Practices in Response to Inquiry From House, Senate Committees

On November 15, ACAP responded to a bipartisan request from two key Congressional committees asking for information from ACAP and other leading insurance trade associations about information on best practices in Medicaid managed care. ACAP provided a full response to the request and in its response highlighted a number of specific initiatives from ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans. 
ACAP's response to the request is available in full here.

Caitlin Neary of N.H. Named Winner of ACAP's Fourth Annual Scholarship Contest

At a late November ceremony in Boston, ACAP announced that Caitlin Neary has won its fourth annual Scholarship Essay Contest. Neary, a student at MCPHS University, participated in the contest through Well Sense Health Plan of New Hampshire. Ms. Neary is working toward a premedical degree at MCPHS University in Boston in preparation to work as a physician assistant. Read more > 

NCQA Rankings: Safety Net Health Plans Occupy 4 of the 5 Top Rankings For Medicaid Plans in the U.S.

Recently-released rankings of Medicaid health plans from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) have found that four of the top five Medicaid plans in the U.S., including the top-ranked plan overall, are ACAP-member Safety Net Health Plans. 

  • Network Health (Mass.) - Ranked #1 overall
  • Neighborhood Health Plan (Mass.) – ranked #3
  • Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan (Mass.) – ranked #4
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island – ranked #5

Rankings | Press Release

ACAP Fact Sheet Highlights Plan Efforts to Address Underlying Social Factors Which Affect Health

An ACAP fact sheet looks at innovative ways that Safety Net Health Plans are working to positively influence the life circumstances of their members that fall outside the traditional purview of the health care system: family support systems, housing, nutrition, income, education, and other dynamics. These factors are frequently referred to as “social determinants of health.” The paper profiles more than a dozen initiatives undertaken across the country - from a "food prescription" program in Portland, Ore., to a book club in Chicago to an effort to provide housing in Pittsburgh. 

The paper in full is available here.

ACAP Analysis: 4 in 10 Issuers Participating in Marketplaces Also Offer Coverage Through a Medicaid Managed Care Plan 

Note: Data updated December 13, 2013.

An ACAP analysis examines a comprehensive list of issuers offering Qualified Health Plans (QHP) in Marketplaces across the country and notes which issuers also offer health coverage through a Medicaid managed care plan in the same state.  The analysis counts 286 separate QHP issuers in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, counting issuers once for each state in which they participate in a Marketplace.  Of those 286 issuers, more than 4 in 10—117 overall—also offer coverage through a Medicaid MCO in the same state. This suggests that there is significant overlap between Marketplace plan offerings and Medicaid managed care in many states, which would help to limit the impact of “churn.”Read more >

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