People with serious chronic conditions often lack the necessary motivation and habit formation tools needed to take daily steps towards managing their conditions. While people usually intend to adhere to care plans and build healthier habits, the complexity of human motivation all too often stands in the way.

While others have tried to boost care plan adherence with technology, reminders, and coaching solutions, Wellth is a pioneer in habit formation. Backed by the science of behavioral economics, Wellth rewards members with daily financial incentives for submitting scheduled check-ins that align with their care plans. Once enrolled, members get a fun, easy, motivating experience along with instant gratification in keeping their daily reward amount, which they get to “cash out” at milestone intervals throughout the duration of their program.

By bridging the intent-to-behavior gap, with keeping their daily financial reward allowance for completing an action, Wellth has demonstrated the ability to create long-lasting habit formation leading to meaningful results, such as:

45% reduction to readmissions (Randomly Controlled Trial with UPenn)
92% decrease in avoidable ED visits in Medicaid high-risk diabetes population
89% medication adherence in Medicaid population with multiple chronic conditions

We aim to create a world where the standard of care motivates patients to adopt habits that optimize their long-term health.

Kristin Haluch, MHA

VP of Market Development

12211 Washington Blvd #102
Los Angeles, CA 90066