Wellpass is a new company focused on enabling more effective communication between people and the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Medicaid Agencies, and other healthcare enterprises that serve them. Wellpass brings together the proven digital health coaching and evidence-based health condition management tools of Voxiva, Inc., a pioneer in digital health, and the innovative, customizable communications and engagement platform developed by Sense Health, Inc. This combination of proven health programs and innovative technology forms Wellpass, the leading messaging and engagement platform for healthcare.

The Wellpass platform enables more effective outreach which leads to increased connectivity, higher quality, and improved cost performance. Health plans can use the platform to:

  • Communicate and engage with members via SMS, Secure Messaging, and Mobile channels
  • Enroll members in existing evidence-based health, wellness and condition-specific programs
  • Create customized programs to meet plan needs
  • Access data about members’ use of the platform

The HIPAA-compliant platform supports messaging to a specific individual (one-to-one) or to an entire population (broadcast), and can be integrated with existing health plan services and interventions.  The platform’s interactive messages are delivered to members through text message and secure messaging via mobile app. Health plans and clinical staff can use the platform to develop interactive messaging campaigns to send welcome messages, gap-in-care alerts, redetermination reminders and more.

Wellpass offers more than 20 evidence-based health and wellness programs and a flexible interface that allows organizations to create their own program content. We have supported more than 2.5 million people in using mobile technology to better manage their health, with programs such as Text4baby, focused on pre-natal care, and ranging from wellness and prevention to diabetes management and smoking cessation. More than 75 health plans, 4 state Medicaid agencies, and over a dozen providers and health systems use our platform to engage the people they serve and improve population health outcomes.

Emilia Guasconi
Directory of Marketing
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