Vheda Health is a virtual health engagement company, empowering people with chronic conditions to live their best life. We are experts in serving persons covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and both programs (dual eligibles). For more than ten years, Vheda Health has focused on supporting the underserved & often hard-to-reach populations by focusing on three areas that will have dramatic impact:

1. Engaging our members
2. Lowering medical cost for our members, and
3. Empowering our members to live their best life.

The complexity of these populations demands a specialized approach to their engagement. By integrating human touch and technology into our digital engagement solution, 84% of members on the Vheda Health program are actively engaging on a monthly basis.

By establishing a national partnership, Vheda Health, can gladly help your MCO in:

• Engaging with your high-cost, high-need chronic care members
• Decreasing medical cost by 20% through more effective utilization
• Enhancing relationship building with members to MCO/Physician/Care Managers
• Utilizing our Virtual Outreach touchpoints to ensure members are checking vitals regularly
• Building member trust and retention

About Vheda Health’s SDOH Services: 

The Vheda Health platforms enables managed care organizations to monitor and deliver SDOH services for members in various ways, including access to care directly via iPhones provided in member kits, customizable assessments, and special purpose apps with access to key member resources.

Bill Henderson

SVP, Business Development

Bradley Marks
Chief Client Officer

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