Versant Health


Versant Health is a leader in managed vision care, with solutions ranging from routine vision benefits to medical management. We help ensure that vision services meet strict criteria, preventing fraud and abuse while also protecting the well-being of the member receiving care.

We deliver cost efficiencies through our medical management programs, which include a highly effective combination of prior authorization and prospective claims review that can help to reduce medical eye-related costs between 15 and 17 percent. Our capabilities include:

• Evidence-based guidelines that ensure services such as surgeries are performed only when medically necessary
• Eye-specific claims review/editing techniques that eliminate unnecessary or duplicative diagnostic procedures
• Identification of drugs that provide the highest combination of efficacy and cost containment

Versant Health leverages over 25 years of providing vision medical management services built on evidenced-based guidelines. We monitor industry-related changes and best practices to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered to members.

Government Health Plans Executive Summary

Lisa Olexy

Senior Vice President, Health Plan Sales