The steep and unpredictable rise in oncology and cardiology costs is unsustainable for payers. Traditional utilization management captures only a portion of available savings and causes physician and member abrasion. Built on nearly two decades of specialty risk experience, our approach guarantees savings with improved physician satisfaction and better patient outcomes.

We guarantee cost savings by taking on full financial and clinical responsibility for managing oncology and cardiology service lines including 6–10% immediate and ongoing savings, inpatient and outpatient services across all lines of business, and the highest standards of service and quality. We drive deep clinical engagement by staying abreast of the latest innovations and science to create a uniquely positive physician experience proven to reduce variations in care through scientific advisory boards, peer-to-peer physician discussions, and aligned, value-based physician reimbursement. We drive better outcomes through proprietary clinical pathways rigorously created and maintained
to maximize the quality of care.

We offer a simplified path to specialty care success, packaged into an integrated solution.

Rhonda Willingham
Vice President

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Brea, CA 92821
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