Solix provides expert business process management services – the right people, processes, technology and compliance solutions – to help clients enhance program efficiency and improve the customer experience. Solix leverages industry-leading technology solutions that will enhance and complement your current environment and elevate the customer experience. We use premier cloud technology and process automation to enable rapid deployment and scalability of hundreds of call center representatives.

For 10+ years, Solix’ contact center has served as an extension of the client, providing a variety of services from advisement to customer service calls. Because we offer the client a team of trained advisors, licensed as Health & Accident Producers in dual states, Solix is able to provide superior customer service to both existing and new members. Our team of dedicated agents provides the following: member care, application intake, application request processing, member enrollment, and welcome calls. Solix’ team of dedicated agents also handles customer service calls for members enrolled in under 65 ACA compliant Health plans and Dental plans and Over 65 Members that are enrolled in Medicare Part C and Part D plans, and Medicare Supplement.

Solix’ wholly owned subsidiary, Sivic Solutions Group (SSG), is a consulting firm with more than 20 years of Medicaid experience serving state and local agencies. The Solix team leverages the Medicaid expertise of our SSG colleagues to provide program-specific services to our clients.

About Solix’s SDOH Services: 

We can provide outreach services to inform members about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) which provides low income households (including those enrolled in Medicaid) $30 per month discount on internet service. The federally funded ACP program provides an important financial support to enable low income households to address the “digital divide” and have greater access to internet based services such as telehealth.

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