Founded in 2009, Safety Net Connect (SNC) is a Southern California-based health information technology company with a mission to access the full potential of health IT for underinsured and underserved “safety net” populations. SNC partners with public and private organizations across the nation to increase access to care, streamline care coordination, promote evidence-based practices, and improve quality.

Converge is SNC’s next-generation eConsult technology that facilitates an electronic connection between primary care providers and specialists, as well as behavioral health and social services, to ensure multi-disciplinary care coordination with a focus on whole person care. Connect is SNC’s electronic care coordination system that bridges the gaps between disparate providers and healthcare systems through real-time cross-network connectivity, tracking, notifications, and reporting to reduce hospital readmissions, improve post-discharge follow-up, and decrease medical costs.

Safety Net Connect’s eConsult is being used by plans to connect PCPs and Specialists electronically / telehealth at this time.

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