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RubiconMD is an innovative eConsult service that connects providers to same-day insights from top specialists. By empowering primary care providers (PCPs) to handle more specialty-related cases, RubiconMD hopes to increase access to specialty care whilst improving the quality and efficiency in treatment plans. Their eConsult program is an intuitive, web-based solution for providers in diverse clinical environments with an expert panel representing 120+ specialties and subspecialties. The average turnaround time on eConsults is under 4 hours, with over 90% of cases receiving a rating of 5/5 stars by providers, and over 75% of cases improving care plans.

Partnerships with Medicaid health plans around the country demonstrate RubiconMD’s ability to improve provider and member satisfaction by addressing specialist access challenges.

RubiconMD now serves providers across 34 states within health plans, health systems, community health, correctional health, employer/onsite clinics, and direct primary care/concierge medicine.

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