Revel is a next gen healthcare technology company using data science and behavioral research to move people to better health. Our health action platform, Revel Connect helps healthcare organizations improve member experiences, drive better outcomes, and redefine what’s possible. From closing gaps in care to boosting Medicare Star Ratings, our powerful approach using data science and behavioral research helps healthcare organizations create personalized connections that drive better experiences and improved health outcomes.

Revel understands people. We know health engagement it’s about pure segmentation and population health—it’s about the individual. Through our health action programs, we learn how to sustain engagement with individuals, recognizing their unique situation—social determinants, values, and beliefs to deliver coordinated programs without consumer abrasion. Our health action programs are designed to meet people where they are with messages that resonate, moving them to take specific actions. All for better health.

Ryan Schoenecker
SVP, Sales and Marketing
C: 310-601-7962
123 N 3rd Street, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401