Redesign Health is a mission driven innovation platform that builds transformative healthcare companies from the ground up. After conducting deep fundamental research and diligence, we launch companies in collaboration with extraordinary founders and healthcare organizations. We then accelerate their growth through Redesign’s innovation platform and venture success teams.

We’ve assembled an industry-leading team of healthcare operators, technologists, and investors to redesign healthcare during a time of urgent need and unprecedented change. Health plans, providers, health systems and other healthcare organizations partner with Redesign Health to leverage the platform and portfolio of companies to enhance care across the continuum.

Redesign Health takes a unique approach to healthcare innovation by building companies from the ground up, with a focus on digital health,healthcare IT, and healthcare services. Since our founding in 2018, we have built an exceptional 230+ person team from leading technology, healthcare, and financial companies, launched more than 40 companies, raised >$1 billion of capital to support our businesses and our own balance sheet, created strategic partnerships with leading industry incumbents, and generated returns to date that meaningfully exceed industry benchmarks. We’re also proud of the positive impact we’ve had across cancer care, teleaudiology, senior care, Covid-19 testing, metabolic health, women’s health, and many other areas. Health plans who partner with Redesign Health have access to new solutions and capabilities that can enhance member experience, support value based care and reduce the total cost of care while improving quality and outcomes.

Alicia Bloom

VP, Strategic Partnerships

85 5th Ave, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003