Pyx Health is a mobile, scalable platform built to serve vulnerable populations through technology, by providing them care, resources, and companionship when they need it most. We engage members with a chatbot personality inside the app who becomes their trusted friend. Our goal is to emotionally take care of Medicaid members and delivery real-time SDOH and mood insights to health plan partners so they can intervene with appropriate resources, and use that data in their risk stratification tools. To successfully manage your Medicaid population, health plans must gain a deeper understanding of the member outside of the traditional care setting. For example, we know that screening for SDOH needs and using this information for population risk stratification is no longer a “nice to have” for plans. The Pyx Health tool can, among other things, collect SDOH and evidence-based screenings and provide that information to our health plan partners, and we also offer local resources to members the very second they let us know they need help. If a member doesn’t have a stable place to sleep, they can’t be concerned about many things beyond that immediate need.

Pyx Health solves for social isolation, which is becoming ever more relevant for members. It is a form of support 24/7.

In the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, we are all starting to experience firsthand the effects of social isolation, which makes a conversation previously focused on vulnerable populations that much more relevant to the rest of us. Pyx Health is taking this time to especially consider those without social supports who experience some level of social isolation daily, and using that to fuel solutions to better serve them in the future. We have been solving for this for the past few years in the Medicaid space, and would love to connect about how we can help your members today.

Rachael Jacobson
Vice President, Business Development
4625 E Fort Lowell Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712