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Home Health Monitoring Technologies

Philips Healthcare’s Home Monitoring business provides innovative solutions for the home that connect patients to their healthcare providers and support individuals at risk in the home. Philips Lifeline pioneered the medical alert industry over 35 years ago and has been been committed to helping seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their homes ever since. We have developed arange of innovative solutions that support independence and provide peace of mind. These include:

·      Lifeline Standard Medical Alert Service – our classic service providing quick accessto help at the touch of a button – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Lifeline connects to subscribers through two voice communication and sends responders to provide assistance.

·      Lifeline with AutoAlert – our breakthrough innovation that offers all of the benefits of our standard service plus an added layer of protection: the pendant can automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and the subscriber is unable to push his/her help button.

·      The Philips Medication Dispensing Service (PMD) – a robust service that combines an automated dispenser with timely caregiver alerts. PMD’s dosing capacity and flexibility enable it to accommodate even highly complex regimens. Its senior-friendly features include easy-to-open dosing cups, which are dispensed with the simple press of a button at scheduled times.

·      Philips Telehealth Solutions – enables clinicians to remotely monitor chronic patients, so they can make more timely care decisions. It also supports patient education, promoting healthy behaviors and self-care. This can lead to better clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs through fewer unplanned hospitalizations and ER visits. 

These solutions are deployed with national network of trained service technicians. Philips Home Monitoring helps health plans supportcomplex members, by giving them actionable insight into homes of who needs interventions. This supports health plans by decreasing the cost of care, increasing satisfaction and prevents avoidable admissions to the hospital. These solutions are senior accepted and can be deployed over a large population at a low cost.



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