Pair Team is on a mission to build the primary care infrastructure for America’s most vulnerable communities. They are the first tech-enabled and multi-disciplinary care team that act as an extension of the clinical staff to engage patients, address care gaps, and increase access to care while addressing patients’ barriers to care such as lack of transportation, housing/food insecurity, and mobile phone access. Pair Team drives strong clinic adoption through a revenue-share pricing model (at-risk with no upfront costs or hourly charges) enabled by their proprietary care delivery platform that automates administrative work and ensures hyper efficient operations. In 2020, Pair Team increased total revenue at their clinics by 43% through quality incentives alone and are on track for 60% improvement in 2021. By partnering with health plans, Pair Team drives clinic adoption to boost quality scores, reduce total cost of care by ensuring primary care best practices, and over time build more meaningful value-based contracts with their ground-level patient & provider data.

For addressing care gaps, their bi-lingual care team engages patients over text/phone/email (white-labeled as local clinic) to bring patients in for appropriate telemedicine or in-person visits. By managing quality data, outreach is prioritized based on clinical impact. Pre-visit prep (forms, education, etc.) is sent to the patient and data is prepared directly in the EMR for the clinician prior to the visit. After the visit, billing code are automatically generated to ensure care gap closure and claims are audited to ensure proper submission.

For increasing clinical capacity, Pair Team provides their own remote NPs credentialed under the tax-id of the clinics to provide more convenient/high-touch Annual Wellness Exams. They are building support for post-discharge follow ups, virtual urgent care visits, and chronic care check ins. Pair Team uses RPA technology to integrate with the clinic’s EMR and minimize change management for providers.

Value-Based Payment (VBP): 

Pair Team is a complex-care provider for high-cost Medicaid patients. We establish financially-aligned partnerships with shelters, pantries, and other community organizations to increase access points to care. We contract with health plans under value-based arrangements in order to provide clinical and SDoH interventions for reducing total cost of care.

About Pair Team’s SDOH Services: 

Pair Team enables safety net clinics to provide complex care management and address underlying social determinants of health for high needs patients in the community. They act as an extension of local provider groups, and within 60 days establish community based care teams and a network of CBO partnerships. By helping providers take accountability for social and clinical health outcomes, Pair Team unlocks new contracting models including participation in California’s statewide Enhanced Care Management program.


Neil Batlivala
CEO and Co-Founder
1459 18th Street, PMB 206
San Francisco, CA 94107