Optum provides a comprehensive health care solution, delivered by healthcare practitioners via a timely, efficient and effective approach, resulting in an improved quality and reduced quantity of care and lower healthcare costs.

The Optum approach offers a different healthcare delivery model for those members for whom the current system has not been successful in managing their chronic conditions

Optum provides the CarePlus Program which is a provider based “in-home” model of care for the 5% of the membership that accounts for over 50% of the medical spend. Our employee base providers will manage the care of these members in a manner that has proven to avoid hospital admits, reduce length of stay in sub-acute facilities, successfully reduce re-admissions, reduce pharmaceutical use and provide a real safety net for members that need it the most.

Optum is a leader of “in-home’ assessments for Medicare and Medicaid members. Performing assessments for CMS and state requirements is the first step to delivery higher quality care.

Through an intensive data analysis Optum will identify and engage those members that qualify for the program. This engagement process has proven to be successful for both the member and the health plan.


Kevin M. Healy