NORC at the University of Chicago

Over the last decade, NORC has worked with clients on diverse facets of major health care policy and program initiatives (e.g., Medicare Part D, the Recovery Act, including HITECH. and the Affordable Care Act, including Financial Alignment of Medicare and Medicaid, State Innovation Models, Health Innovation Awards) and has knowledge and broad experience in program areas, such as:
  • Health Care Marketplaces, Individual and Small-Group Markets, Employer Health Benefits
  • Medicaid, Medicare and other federal programs
  • Home and Community-based Services, Medicaid Health Homes, Community First Choice Section 1115 Waivers and other waiver programs
  • Quality and Public Reporting Alignment
  • Minority Health Strategy
  • Health Information Technology and Information Exchange
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Data Infrastructure
  • All-Payer Claims Data Bases
For engagements on these topics, NORC’s staff brings varied experiences and expertise across the health care sector and a superb reputation for objective, non-partisan approaches to each engagement. Our staff has the highest levels of training in disciplines spanning clinical care, public administration, economic analysis, social science and business. Our suite of services includes:
  • Data Collection, Research and Analysis
  • Policy Analysis and Strategy
  • Program Design, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • Program Technical Assistance and Operations Support
  • Design, Implementation, Analysis of large surveys including the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey and Nationwide Adult Medicaid Survey
  • Quality Measures and Analysis
  • Communications, Learning and Information Dissemination and Diffusion
Michelle Strollo
Associate Director, Health Care
4350 East-West Highway, 8th Floor, Bethesda, MD  20814
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